Frank: Missing the point on drug education

Theoretically, if we speak out we will be heard. I’ve started writing letters (Emails) when I see something wrong. I will publish some here.

On 26 November I sent an email to Frank, a UK Government drugs awareness website. I used the Ask Frank webform that guarantees a reply. Of course I wasn’t asking about drugs but nonetheless was raising a serious point. Here it is:

It’s easy make a cool looking webite that is accessible to all and standards-based. So why did the Central Office of Information, the Department of Health, the Department of Education or even the Home Office make the decision to use ASP and Flash? Your website is broken (In my browser), when if you had hired good web designers, instead of expensive “Cool” web designers it could work perfectly on ANYBODYs machine. Even this email form doesn’t function properly.

Half the people who could benefit from this probably can’t even access it because of poor, uninformed and I have no doubt expensive descisions about the choice of technology.

Government departments have a duty not to exclude people but someone has made a conscious choice to use proprietory technologies when perfectly good standards-based ones exist which would have done the job BETTER.

In a very deep way, the UK Government doesn’t seem to understand technology, neither our elected representatives or the permanent buerocracy in their comfortable sinecures who can always find new and interesting cash-sinks for the public purse.


~ by gear on March 28, 2007.

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